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Survivor: Philippines grand finale is certain to bring excitement to the amazing Survivor series. And so is the winner of Amazing Race slated to survive in the race around the world. CBS Network’s day of announcements began with announcing the Survivor: Philippines and Amazing Race’s fall finale dates. Apart from this, CBS Network had one more announcement to make. And that was regarding their new hit drama show; Elementary will come up with a new episode post 2013 Super Bowl.

CBS Network has set the finale dates for the Amazing Race and the Survivor: Philippines series. The finale date for the Amazing Race series is set to be Sunday, the 9th of December. The last episode will be a marathon two hour show from 8 to 10 at night. There will be 4 teams fighting it out in the last episode. It is alleged that by the end of the first hour, we’ll be seeing one team eliminated. And then the last 3 teams will compete for the title.

The Survivor series presently in the Philippines will have its season’s finale on Sunday, the 16th of December. A two hour Survivor finale, from 8 to 10 pm will greet fans on the 16th of December. The much anticipated reunion special show will be telecast immediately after the grand finale. Here is a word of caution for those watching CBS Network from the East Coast. CBS Network’s entire primetime lineup will face a scheduled 30 minute delay on the 16th of December. So, viewers of the East Coast should tune in to CBS Network at 8:30.

In the 21st season of the Amazing Race, the reality TV game show features a total of 11 teams with 2 members in each team. In a race without boundaries, the Amazing Race series is a race around the world. There are totally 12 legs in the game and to win the race you have to compete in all the legs and complete all the legs. Each leg winner will be given a prize. This race has so far taken the participants on a world tour, to places like China and Bangladesh, Indonesia and Turkey. Amazing Race is said to make the touchdown in Moscow for the grand finale.

The Survivor series is in its 25th season with the Survivor: Philippines premiering on CBS Network in September 2012. The Survivor series American version has been highly successful as it is one among the most watched TV shows. Survivor is a show that casts away a group of complete strangers in isolated locations where they are made to fend for their food, water, shelter while competing among themselves in challenges that could earn rewards, immunity or worst get expelled. The remaining challengers face the jury comprising of eliminated players. The sole survivor will go on to win one million dollars and the title of ‘Sole Survivor’.

Until the finale, you can continue to catch up with the Amazing Race and the Survivor: Philippines TV shows every Sunday and Thursday. In the meantime, you could also try guessing who is likely to win the title of the ‘Sole Survivor’ and which last couple will be left standing in The Amazing Race.

The Voice Judges, Courtesy of NBC


They’ve got talent, charisma, style, stage presence and everything that’ll make them the next singing sensation. And we got to see some outstanding performance, stunning vocals, outpour of emotions complete with tears and tactics. We’ve heard them sing songs from all genres, from Rihanna to Beyonce, Winehouse to Imbruglia; we’ve been with them from the times of blind auditions to the times of confusing knockout battles. And now it is time to venture in to the live playoffs territory.

The Voice’ is an unscripted reality series that features vocalists from around the country to compete in a singing competition that aims to select the strongest, most talented and promising singers. Now in its third season, this show brings to the forefront 4 popular names from the American music scene, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green. These 4 celebrity musicians take up the dual role of judging and coaching the singers.  Unlike other reality TV shows, the winners will be selected purely on the quality of their voice and the intensity of their singing prowess.

‘The Voice’ is in the final performance phase where a live playoff will see artists compete against other artists from different teams. Television audiences will also have their chance at voting for their favorite stars. Singers with the highest number of votes will stay and the singer with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated from the show. In the grand finale, one winner will be selected and be named ‘The Voice’ besides winning a recording contract.

The show had its first live playoffs of the season on Monday with Team Blake and Team Adam wooing the audience for their votes. Coming next in line to show off their singing talent is Team Christina and Team Cee Lo. These two teams are slated to rock the show on Wednesday night. We’ll have to wait till Thursday to know who made the cut. The live playoffs will decide the fate of 20 singers as only 12 of them will compete in the finals.

With Team Adam and Team Blake winning one season each, the pressure on Team Christina and Team Cee Lo is high.  Monday night kicked off with Team Adam and Team Blake coming together for Boston’s Peace of Mind. And then it was time to go solo. Team Adam’s Joselyn conquered the stage rendering Give your Heart a Break. Equipped with her brilliant smile and charming looks, Joselyn reached all the high notes perfectly. The star of the night was Amanda Brown. Amanda, a high performer, put life in to Aerosmith’s song Dream On.  She is seen by many as a favorite to win the show. While we are yet to watch Team Christina and Team Cee Lo live in action, we can be certain that the fight for the title ‘The Voice’ will come up with many astonishing performances.

Coming in the election week, the live playoffs of The Voice will give audiences their first chance at voting for their favorite singers. This leaves the coaches the chance to pick 4 artists each, to advance to the final round.  As the fight to choose the Top 12 singers is drawing near, the competition is getting tougher and tougher day by day. If the Battles are anything to go by, the live playoffs will see each singer putting his/her best foot forward (or should we say best voice forward?).

Charity, philanthropy and MTV, they make a combination of contradictions. You may call it altruism, but the MTV and Jersey Shore cast call it the call of the hour. MTV and the cast of Jersey Shore are coming together to organize a fundraiser to help the Seaside Heights victims of Hurricane Sandy. The shoreline of Jersey Shore town, the place Jersey Shore has been calling home, season after season, was devastated by the fury of the super-storm Sandy. The town with its historic amusement parks and boardwalk, made famous by MTV’s Jersey Shore, now lies in complete ruins.

The shoreline rides of Casino Pier have gone, the iconic roller coaster rests broken and tangled amidst sea waves, the picturesque roads of Seaside Heights is covered with sand and debris.  More than 90% of the Seaside Heights community has been affected by Sandy. The force of the storm was such that most residents had to be evacuated from their flooded homes. Residents are now safely lodged in community centers with no word on when it would be safe to go back to their homes.

The town of Seaside Heights, home to thousands of residents and summer time vacationers, has always been in the news for one reason or the other. It has had its share of popularity over the years. The town had become synonymous with MTV’s Jersey Shore. And the shoreline of New Jersey had found a permanent place in the popularity map, all thanks to the antics of Jersey Shore’s cast of 8 muscular and mischievous partygoers.

With Hurricane Sandy destroying the town of Seaside Heights, the amusement parks and the boardwalk, everything we have come to love about this town are in tatters. Most of us remember the iconic image of a towering roller coaster against the Atlantic Ocean when we think of Seaside Heights. Now, the roller-coaster, the boardwalk, the amusement park, the shops and the very houses of Seaside Heights are destroyed.

MTV in partnership with Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit organization will be working towards rebuilding the famed boardwalk and parks. And it also aims to lend a helping hand to the residents and businesses of Seaside Heights in their efforts to get the town back on its feet. Apart from reigning havoc on the sea front, hurricane Sandy had wiped off entire neighborhoods, businesses and homes.  But Snooki and Co have vowed to restore the town by organizing a fundraiser to put Seaside Heights back on track. The popular music cable network, MTV had announced on Monday that it plans to hold a one-hour fundraising special program called ‘Restore the Shore’ due to air on Nov 15th. It will be telecast live from MTV’s Times Square Studio.  The cast of the Jersey Shore show are uniting to raise donations that will be used for the rehabilitation of the most affected people of Jersey. Seaside Heights was once a place teeming with happy vacationers and playing host and home to the cast and crew of MTV’s show, Jersey Shore. It is now a town struggling to come to terms with the loss, despair and destruction. With the MTV and Jersey Shore cast coming forward to help the resident of Seaside Heights, we can be certain that the town will once again become the show’s summer home.

In the wake of tragedy and hardship, people find ways to help each other. NBC Universal is showing a one-hour telethon on Friday, November 2nd at 8pm ET. The telethon, Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together, will be held at NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza studios and hosted by Matt Lauer, the co-host of “Today” show.

Money collected from the telethon will be donated to the American Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

The star-studded event will feature performances by Christina Aguilera, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Sting. For all you late-night TV fans, Jimmy Fallon will make an appearance, along with NBC New’s Brian Williams.

The event will be shown simultaneously on NBC, Bravo, CNBC, E!, G4, MSNBC, Style, Syfy and USA, and will also be streamed live on

As you know, Hurricane Sandy has affected a wide part of the northeast, including Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Michigan. Among the worst hit, however, are large parts of New York and New Jersey.

The American Red Cross is putting every effort available to relief efforts, but they are very costly. Donations help provide food, shelter and other assistance. To donate, people can visit

For those of you who thought an Xbox is just a gaming console, you’re 50 percent right. At the annual E3 video game conference, Microsoft announced new entertainment partnerships with Nickelodeon, ESPN, the NBA and Univision, among 35 other new content providers.

The days of spending hours playing Call of Duty with all your friends are still here and are further expanded by the ability to stay up to speed on your favorite shows and sporting events.

Xbox live, Microsoft’s online platform for the Xbox 360 console, already hosts a myriad of entertainment options, including Netflix and access to Facebook. By adding ESPN live broadcasts, including “Monday Night Football”, Xbox owners will have the ability to watch a slew of programming. Those looking to watch their favorite NBA teams will have to pay a subscription fee for NBA League Pass to watch 2,400 games this year.

Are you happy with the new service plan? If you’re not an Xbox 360 owner, will this sway you to become one?

Korea becomes the 10th country to offer Google TV services. The glory of Google TV is slowly radiating to different countries. Korea’s LG UPlus has partnered with Google to provide IPTV services under the name u+ tv G. It gives subscribers access to about 50,000 On Demand titles and also apps such as search, Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube. Gangnam Style’s Psy will kick-start the campaign. Google has also stated in its official blog that it will partner with more service providers to make its Google Play and Google TV content available to international subscribers, in the near future.

The content purchased using Android powered tablets and devices will also be displayed on TV for easy viewing. It has recently integrated its TV and Play Store to enable users get easy access to its content. LG UPlus will provide a set top box to the subscribers using which they will be able to access Google TV content and also access Google Play content. Google, setting its foot in Korea is another step forward to take its services in different directions, crossing U.S. borders. By partnering with Google, the Korean service provider LG UPlus becomes the first provider in Korea to offer set top boxes to access Google TV content.

The subscribers will get to enjoy a blend of Google TV apps, Google Play content and live TV content. New customers will be able to receive content starting today and existing customers can upgrade their service to u+ tv G. Google TV offers channels including Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Flixster, TNT, and TBS, among others. If you use Netflix, you can get access to music services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more. Another thing you will be able to do using this service is downloading games from Google Play Store and play them on your TV using Google TV. Korean kids are going to love this service for the games available in Google Play.

By subscribing to the service, users will be able to enjoy quality entertainment using a single device because they will have access to music content, live TV, video content, movies and games in Google Play, Google Search, and so on. Google is continuing to surprise users by making sudden moves like this. It introduced some cool features in Google Play like voice control just a few days back and then its debut in Korea has come as a twin surprise. At this speed, Google will reach its international fans very soon.

The second of three presidential debates will air tonight from 9:00-10:30 p.m. EST from Hofstra University in New York. The debate will be in the form of town hall meeting where the two candidates – President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney – will take questions from citizens on foreign and domestic issues.

The debate will be televised on all major networks, including: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

Viewers will also have the chance to watch the debate online via YouTube’s Election Hub where they can leave live feedback and hold real time discussions with others.

We know this puts a damper on watching some of your favorite primetime TV shows, but rest assured you won’t miss an episode as new episodes will air in their usual times next week.

ABC Family’s hit show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is coming to an end. According to, the network decided to cancel after its current fifth season.

The show, circling around Shailene Woodley who plays Amy Juergens, revolves around a “teen mom struggling with her own childhood troubles” while raising a baby.

The first half of Season 5 will run 11 episodes, which aired on June 5th. The second half will launch in March, 2013 with the final 12 episodes of the series.

We know Netflix isn’t necessarily cable TV, but this is great news for people who own an iPad and have kids. Netflix has just launched a new interface for it’s “Just For Kids” programming on the iPad. We know this is great news since kids love to borrow their parent’s iPads, and they do love cartoons.

According to Netflix’s blog, this is “the first mobile version of this special kid-friendly Netflix experience.” We all know kids love to pay all sorts of games, and watch programming from other apps. The new Netflix “Just For Kids” programming brings nothing but kid-friendly programming.

The new interface is now available on iPad 2 and newer iPads, and Netflix says it will be available for the original iPad and Android-powered tablets later.

Before the Emmy’s, I have never heard of the hit show, Homeland. A Showtime original, the show has a strong cast of stars that include Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer) and Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine).

What makes this a compelling show to watch, along with a stellar cast, is its high-budget production to create some stellar episodes. The series follows Carrie Mathison as she unravels details of an American prisoner of war who had been turned by Al-Qaeda. Carrie believes this rescued POW, Nicholas Brody, is the turned terrorist.

Now with its second-season premiere Sunday night, “Homeland” is looking up as a hit show, following its breakaway Emmy Award winners, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Rather than to tell you all about it, Showtime has shared the full episode of the season two premiere on YouTube.

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